Laura Boronski

Laura Boronski is a Catholic singer, songwriter, home-schooling mother of eight, and motivational speaker. Here you can find her music, what she's up to, and how to contact her.

Taking the leap! Well, the limp, anyway...,..,

Hello! Well, It's been a long journey but I am finally on the "interweb". No, I'm not trying to become a famous blogger or anything, but I am taking advantage of the blogging application on my new squarespace account to keep in touch with my new friends around the country now and then. 

This past moth has brought many blessings and challenges, not the least of which was blowing out my knee walking - yes! walking - while we were up in Maine a couple of weeks ago. So, I gimp around now in my brace, awaiting my MRI. Dr says it's a torn meniscus, and homeopaths say I can heal this naturally, so we'll see. I can't stand not being able to go at my usual pace, so I have plenty to offer up!! God is so good. 

Check out the site! It's still a work in progress, but I'll get there (with the patient training of my kids)

God bless you and Mary keep you!!!