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Laura Boronski is a Catholic singer, songwriter, home-schooling mother of eight, and motivational speaker. Here you can find her music, what she's up to, and how to contact her.

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Taking the leap! Well, the limp, anyway...,..,

Hello! Well, It's been a long journey but I am finally on the "interweb". No, I'm not trying to become a famous blogger or anything, but I am taking advantage of the blogging application on my new squarespace account to keep in touch with my new friends around the country now and then. 

This past moth has brought many blessings and challenges, not the least of which was blowing out my knee walking - yes! walking - while we were up in Maine a couple of weeks ago. So, I gimp around now in my brace, awaiting my MRI. Dr says it's a torn meniscus, and homeopaths say I can heal this naturally, so we'll see. I can't stand not being able to go at my usual pace, so I have plenty to offer up!! God is so good. 

Check out the site! It's still a work in progress, but I'll get there (with the patient training of my kids)

God bless you and Mary keep you!!!


Mothers of Mercy Retreat 3-18-16

I had the privilege of attending the Mothers of Mercy retreat at Christ the King seminary in East Aurora, NY on March 18th as their keynote speaker/singer. What an incredible blessing it was to be a part of such an uplifting and spiritually nourishing event. I met so many beautiful women that day. I wish I could have talked to each one of them for a while. 

Mothers - you are amazing! You have found favor with God! Let Him fill you with His mercy and love so you can be conduits of that mercy and love to everyone around you. 

Offer Him your weakness, your exhaustion, your frustration, your loneliness and your stress. He will take it and let you feel his presence in those moments so you can experience more joy and comfort and encouragement and support through your vocation. He loves you so much. 

I will add some more pictures of the event here. God bless all of you who attended. I hope to see you again someday soon. 

I am currently working on recording the Mothers of Mercy Rosary Meditations I wrote for the event which we prayed at the end. Check back at the end of May. 

Sacred Heart Academy 3-17-16

On Saint Patrick's Day, 2016, I was able to visit my High School, The Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, in Amherst, NY. I was in town as the keynote speaker/singer for a retreat at the Seminary in East Aurora the following day, and everyone at Sacred Heart was so welcoming. It was such a pleasure to share my Stations of the Cross with the student body on that cold Thursday morning. I hope I was able to reach a few of the girls and/or faculty with a personal experience of the Stations. Thank you Sister Mara! Thank you Susan Daniels! 


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