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Laura Boronski is a Catholic singer, songwriter, home-schooling mother of eight, and motivational speaker. Here you can find her music, what she's up to, and how to contact her.

To Buffalo NY! way of Nashville TN, Greenville SC, Marshfield WI, Myrtle Beach SC, Buffalo NY

What a Lent it has been!

God has blessed me with opportunities to reach out to so many people in so many places in the past two months.

I am posting some new pictures in the gallery of my travels.

Recording my new cd “Lost and Found” in Nashville was quite the experience. What talented musicians! When we recorded Rock a Bye, you could have heard a pin drop. Hearts were moved. Thank you Jesus!

Many lessons learned there and of course, mind blown by our Lord as well. He never ceases to amaze me with His guidance and His mercy.

I had the privilege of singing and speaking around the states:

Greenville, SC: The Belonging women’s conference in Greenville, SC. What a joy to connect with so many beautiful Catholic Women!

Myrtle Beach, SC: Saint Andrews Catholic Church Confirmation prep “Super Sunday” with all the young people and their parents.

Marshfield WI: gave a women’s retreat “Swimming upstream:Keeping the faith in this secular world!” that was chock full of healing and empowerment through the Holy Spirit, Sang my Stations of the Cross at their beautiful St John the Baptist church, visited three schools there to talk to the kids about being connected to the power of the Mystical Body of Christ and sing the Stations of the Cross.

Buffalo, NY: I was able to participate in “Soup, Song, and Stations” at St Martin of Tours where I was able to share my Stations of the Cross and reconnect with some old friends, talked to the Religious Education students and their teachers about Lent and powering up with the Holy Spirit, visited St Teresa’s and St Thomas Aquinas in South Buffalo as well to cantor Mass and share my Stations of the Cross. I was able to visit the student body of Chesterton Academy as well and share my Stations with them. What a beautiful group!

Myrtle Beach, SC: back again to my home parish where I was blessed to have the opportunity to give one of the Lenten Talks to our parishioners, “Keeping it Catholic, real life, real family, real world” and sing the Stations of the Cross.

I will be visiting the local schools this week and next to do more of the same, including the students of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton High School, Our Lady Star of the Sea Religious Education department, Holy Trinity Elementary, and Coastal Carolina University and their Catholic Students at the Lackey Chapel on campus.

Thank you Jesus!

4 cars, 6 kids, 2 dogs and a tortoise

4 cars, 6 kids, 2 dogs and a tortoise

When it had become clear that Hurricane Florence was an actual threat, and mandatory evacuations were being put into place for the coastline, we made the decision to evacuate. Within a day we had packed up everything of value in rubbermaid bins, covered the piano and drums with tarps, packed up the dogs and the tortoise, left the stray cats plenty of food outside, fed the fish enough to make them triple in size, and left the house at night to head for the mountains ahead of the evacuation traffic. We had a four car convoy heading out into the night. Strange - the actual possibility of losing our home here in SC or suffering serious damage was fairly easy to digest. We were all in a place of complete trust that God would provide what we needed if and when we needed it and we were ready. In fact, we were actually looking forward to the possibility of starting over. My deal with God on that trip was, “take the house and everything in it - just keep my kids safe!” Especially since two of our adult children weren't going to be with us. At 3am, we ascended our favorite mountain road in NC exhausted and stressed after having found our way through the foggy, freshly paved (therefore missing any reflective paint or lane divisions) roads. The next day we heard of a friend in need of a place to go so we welcomed her and her husband to join us. They came the following night. 
What started out as a forced vacation, turned into a three week forced exile. We watched everything unfold via The Weather Channel, from a safe distance. We spent quality time together, got to know our friends a bit better, watched a lot of movies, had a lot of bonfires, lots of library time, and of course some adventures. My husband had to commute during the week to get his business up and running again. Each time filling us in on the road closures, flooding and mayhem going on back at home. When enough roads were open and stores had supplies again, we made the trip ourselves. Coming home was difficult to say the least. When you get to spend time up the mountain, physically and spiritually, it is always so hard to come back down. We are thankful that our home suffered no major damage. A lost shutter, some lifted siding, and a pool full of yard debris are all we had to deal with from the storm. So many are in such worse shape. We are still unpacking and putting our home back together on the inside, while many are trying to find what’s left of their home on the outside. Thank you, Lord, for Your protection and providence. Help us to do what we can to help others who have lost so much. As the flood waters continue to recede, help us to be patient. It will be a long time before our county is back to normal. I am grateful for lessons learned and priority adjustments made. Thank you to all of our friends and family who kept us in your thoughts and prayers! We appreciate you! May God Bless you and keep you! Now back to unpacking…….

"I don't think that word means what you think it means"

“I don’t think that word means what you think it means”

 I have in the past several weeks,  heard on a few separate occasions from different friends or acquaintances, I am Christian, but…., Or, I raise my kids to be Christian, but……

And usually that is followed by the specific teaching of Christ and His church that they will not follow for one reason or another.

In this day and age, so many definitions have changed, I feel it is important to revisit some of them and set them straight.

Firstly; Christian

1.    A person who has received Christian Baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and His teachings.

2.    A Christian is a person who follows or adheres to Christianity.

3.    From the Greek word, Χριστιανός, or  Christianos,  meaning “follower of Christ”

Χριστιανός comes from Χριστός (Christos), meaning “anointed one” with an adjectival ending borrowed from Latin to denote adhering to, or even belonging to, as in slave ownership.

Yes! That said follower! Adhering to, or even belonging to, as in slave ownership!

Not something to be taken lightly, or misconstrued into our own comfortable idea of its definition.

If we revisit that first statement,  “I am a Christian”,  we can translate that into “I am a follower of Christ”

The word follower in this application does not mean follower like our culture uses the word.

“I follow him on twitter, or Instagram, or facebook,  - I mean, yeah, I think Jesus is  a pretty cool dude and I like to see what he is saying once in a while”

To profess yourself a Christian means much more than that. It goes from a distant admirer to an actual follower!


1.    act according to (an instruction or precept).

Synonyms: obey, comply with, conform to, adhere to, stick to, keep to, hew to, act in accordance with, abide by, observe, heed, pay attention to

Which keeps bringing us back to that pesky word adhere.

Adhere means:

Stick fast to

Synonyms: cohere, cling, bond, attach

- believe and follow the practices of.

So, in this wishy-washy world of half beliefs, self-created beliefs, and lets be frank – no beliefs, please, I beg of you; If you are going to call yourself a Christian, mean it. Live it. Go to the nearest Church and sit a while. Be reminded of what that word actually means. It doesn’t make you part of a popularity club who hangs out on Sunday to make you feel good. Don't get me wrong, it can make you feel good, and some of your closest friends may come from your fellow parishioners, but that is not its purpose. Its purpose is to continually lead us back to Christ, and His teachings. To offer us the way to find real healing, and purpose, and to take our place in this world as a servant of our Savior and Lord. 

Being Christian is a membership in an amazing group of warriors. Followers of Christ. Pick up your cross and accept your marching orders! He is our leader. He is the one who tells us through word and 2000 + years of tradition what we are to do. He is the one we can turn to for discernment in this crazy world. He is the one with whom we long to spend eternity. 

I am a Catholic (which means, universal) Christian. I choose to cling to Him and the teachings of His church on earth. I do my best to obey Him, to adhere to Him, to follow Him. I hope you can find the joy that comes from being one of His followers.  

As the beloved Mother Angelica said:

“God wants you to be in the world but so different from the world that you will change it. Get cracking!”

God bless you and keep you!






Rejoice in the Lord always! I said ALWAYS!!

You know, sometimes you just have to laugh and rejoice anyway. 

I came home from a wonderful trip to Wisconsin, full of several awesome and Spirit filled events, including a blessed retreat I was honored to give to an incredible group of women at St John the Baptist church in Marshfield, and visits to a few schools there as well, to talk to and sing to the kids. I was on a high, as is the case whenever I return from such a trip, Holy Spirit coursing through my veins.

I proceeded to visit two Catholic Schools in my hometown, speaking and singing to the kids there, and enjoying every minute of it. 

Then reality hit a week later when a pipe burst in one of the downstairs bathrooms here in SC, and flooded five rooms in my home. 

You know satan, I understand you hate it when we bring others closer to God, and when we make closer connections to Our Heavenly Father ourselves. I get it. But really? I've cleared your hurtles before and I will do it again. 

I had just finished reminding the ladies on my Wisconsin journey how we must rejoice in the Lord always, even during the ugly and messy and craziness that is life. 

I had just finished lifting other people up in their difficulties and grief, suffering and healing, abuse and forgiveness.....

and here I am in a flooded house with six kids and my husband, wondering how on earth this is ever going to get cleaned up. 

You know what? It will get cleaned up. It's Lent. Just like we will get our souls cleaned up, I will get my home in order somehow. I thank God for this reminder of how temporary our time here is on this earth. How temporary things are. How temporary sanity can be when you're a mom, a wife, a teacher, a woman....  and how much we need each other. 

I thank the Lord that we have homeowners insurance that will cover all of our losses in this mini-disaster. 

Yes, I may be looking at a few weeks without a kitchen, and camping out at friends houses with the kids, but THANK YOU LORD for those friends, willing to open their doors to us. 

I'm heading to New York tomorrow to reach out to more people through my ministry of music and presentation, and I will leave this mess behind. I am thankful that I get to bring four of my girls with me so they too can have a bit of a respite from the chaos...

Yes, when we get back the real demolition will begin, but I will be that much stronger, and that much more ready for whatever God needs me to push through this Lent. So I will go on as I always do, day to day, moment to moment, trying to do the right thing by my Lord and Master. Failing and resetting, through joy and sorrow, embracing every moment. 

Whatever your setbacks may be this Lent, let's thank God together for letting us share in a tiny bit of our Savior's suffering.

God bless you and keep you!!

Until next time, Your servant in Christ,


The Knitting Bag

Yes, I love to knit.

It is therapeutic.

When I am knitting I am in one of my happy places.

It's funny though - the other day I was cleaning out and trying to bring sense to my knitting bag -

which over time becomes a big knotted mess of colors and textures and needles, new and old, all stuck into each other and wrapped around each other until you can't pull out one without getting them all.

I have realized in sorting this, that my knitting bag is a perfect microcosm of my life. 

Each remnant of yarn in that knotted mess brings back a memory. So many projects that were started but not finished; sometimes because I lost the pattern, sometimes because it was too difficult, or it wasn't turning out the way I had hoped... 

Some projects turned out wonderfully and bring such joy when I see my kids still wrapped up in that blanket, or wearing that hat, or that sweater, or those mittens, or socks or slippers........ 

Each one has a special place in my heart. I embrace all of it.

Including the messy parts at the bottom of the bag -  things collected while knitting in different places;  like change, or hair clips, or receipts, or food crumbs , prayer cards, candy wrappers, rubber bands - notes scribbled down on crinkled up scraps of paper...

Even the needles themselves speak volumes. Bamboo knitting needles, some double pointed, some not, some worn out and ready for retirement after many hours spent together working, some with teeth marks in them from a child who decided it felt good to chomp down on my needles at one point or another, and brand new ones, still in the package - full of promise of what is to come. 

I feel like in sorting my knitting bag, I've sorted out a bit of myself again. Ready to start fresh and enjoy this ride a while longer. 

Lord help me to always embrace it all.

The orderly, the tangled, the victorious and the frustrating, the messy and the clean, it's all what makes me who I am, and as imperfect as that may be, it's just fine. I will keep moving forward and try to do my best. Time to patch up the hole in the bottom of this bag and move on. 


"I love my life!"

"I love my life" said my eight-year-old daughter as she skipped through the kitchen. I was standing there washing dishes and I said to her "I love my life too! " and I smiled.

It appeared as though another one of my children had understood the theory of happiness as a choice. If I've said it once I've said it 1000 times to my children "it is your decision whether or not you will be happy today!"

Of course my daughter's happiness this morning was largely due to the fact that yet another cat has brought her kittens to our front porch as a refuge where she knows she will be fed and cared for.

Kittens = happiness.

These opportunities to feel joy putting a skip in her step are wonderful at the ripe old age of eight. And although she may not realize the true source of her joy yet, it's wonderful that she should recognize that feeling to the point of exclaiming it!

God is love. And when we are giving love we are feeling God through us and when we are receiving love we are feeling God presenting himself to us, and that is the greatest joy there is.

So today, I choose to be happy! Whether I am scrubbing out a toilet or preparing a meal for my family I choose love, and therefore I choose to be happy today.

Charleston MOM's!!

Had a wonderful morning reaching out to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist's mother's group. It was nice to reconnect with some moms I've meet in my travels in the past and always a joy to meet new ones. I love the sisterhood among mothers, and I love reaching out to them with reminders of the awesomeness of their vocation. We must lift each other up always!!!! Let's bring more souls to heaven, sisters!

Shuffling off to Buffalo!

I hope everyone is having a blessed Lent so far! Never underestimate  the power of prayer and fasting.  I'm looking forward to several appearances in South Carolina and New York in the next several weeks. It's not too late to book a date if your parish would open their doors to me this Lent! Here's an article published recently in the WNY Catholic newspaper.

Thank you Lord Jesus for these opportunities to share Your love with others. 

I get it!

Dear Mom,  

I get it. The older I get, the older the kids get, more and more each day I get it. I understand you and what you felt at different times in your motherhood as I pass through similar stages in mine.

I was washing the dishes the other day, staring out the window thinking about things, and I could hear six of my children upstairs laughing and carrying on as they played a game together. At that moment, as in other moments like it, there was such a peace. For that frozen moment in time everything was ok.  

I understand, as we all got older and developed our individual interests and relationships, how happy it made you to have us kids together in one place reconnecting an enjoying each other's company.  

I understand the pain of missing the one or two chicks who couldn't make it back to the nest for one reason or another. I understand the loneliness that comes with our state in life at times, and how it can only be comforted by our close relationship with God.  

I get it Mom!  

If you were here we could sit over a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle and discuss our parallel universes in depth. How I long for your pearls of wisdom at times!  

For now I will enter into this season of thanks so very thankful for the role model and mentor I have had in you.   

I will picture you, in your beautiful dress, stockings and heels, finally removing your apron and sitting down at our enormous dining room table full of your complete day's work, slipping off your shoes under the table and taking it all in as we come together once again for Thanksgiving.  

thanks Mom. I miss you.  



God willing and the creek don't rise!........

Never before have I understood this phrase to the depth that I have this past week and a half. 

We live in South Carolina, inland from Myrtle Beach. 11 days ago, we made the decision to evacuate with seven of our children to the mountains of NC to escape the possible devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

We had to make the call -  that it wasn't worth the risk.  I learned many years ago while living in WNY to detach myself from stuff when I had the hard lesson of losing a bunch of my most important stuff to a flooded basement. "stuff is stuff" was God's lesson to me during that time, and I have clung to that over the years as I became less and less attached to things of this world. 

But our children - God's most precious gifts to my husband and me - were not to be risked. We took down precious pictures from the walls and packed them away just in case... The stray cats who have adopted us were provided with many feeding stations outside, and the mama and her kittens were left plenty of provisions inside. The dogs and the tortoise came with us, and we left. Not knowing what would be there to greet us upon our return a week later. 

The next few days were full of anxious moments as we checked in as much as we could via the spotty internet connections available to us up in the mountains. We worried about our oldest daughter who chose to stay behind in North Myrtle Beach. As reports came in we were quite concerned at one point that there may not be much left of our home when we got back. I remember on Saturday night as I lay there awake in the middle of the night and the storm was raging back in SC, begging God to take my home and spare my daughter. 

Then there was a period of peace.. Yes the storm had ravaged our area. Yes, there would be lots of destruction. Yes, there will be flooding. But our kids would be ok, and that was enough. 

As it turned out, our house was indeed spared. Many around us were not. Trees were down everywhere, power lines down, telephone poles down, roads washed away, or closed because they had been turned into lakes. Our power had been off long enough to render everything in our fridge and freezer spoiled, but hey, I wanted to clean our the fridge anyway, (boy was it pretty nasty) and I am so thankful we can afford to restock our groceries. 

A week later there are still people without power, still people who lost everything, still trees down being cleaned up - and yes - the creeks are still rising!!! Just this morning it took my college age kids an hour and a half to make their usual 25 minute trip to school due to the flooded roads and detours. More areas are still being evacuated due to rising flood waters. 

Thank you, God, for the reminder that we need to depend on You. That You will provide for our needs. That You will keep us safe, and comfort us in our hour of need. You calmed this mother's heart a hundred times that night, and I am again reminded how much You love Your sons and daughters. 

Our area will recover, flood waters will receed (eventually), and life will get back to "normal". Retreats will be rescheduled, speaking engagements will be rescheduled. But for now, we will navigate this new terrain one day at a time. I pray that you are all safe and sound, and I will ask that you pray for those who are still suffering so greatly from this storm. 

I hope to see you soon! God willing and the creek don't rise!

On the Road again....

Hello! I'm heading to Buffalo, NY for the weekend to celebrate the marriage of my niece, and to lend a hand in the registration process for MOM's groups in WNY. I hope to gather enough information there to bring back with me to SC to start MOM's groups here! I'll be at St Leo's Catholic church in Amherst, NY to sing the 4:30 Mass on August 27th. I look forward to seeing some old friends, and making some new ones. 


When I get back we will be getting ready for the MOM's retreat at Saint James Catholic Church in Conway, SC on October 8th from 9-4.  Please pray for all the mothers preparing to attend this retreat. I'll post registration information as soon as it's ready. 

Pray for me and know that I will be praying for you!! 

Sometimes we just need a good AS kicking..

Yes! I thank Him daily for his AS kickings. 

This pearl of wisdom was dropped on me by the Holy Spirit a year or so ago, and it's time to share it with the rest of you battle weary people. When I find myself falling into some old bad habits, I have found that Jesus is right there to deliver a well placed AS kicking. It always sets me back on track. 

You know, like a good swat from your parent - sometimes that's all it takes to snap us out of it. 

So when I get frustrated with the world, or find myself in a rut, or feel the loneliness of trying to raise Catholic kids in a sick, secular world, there He is:

Love one another AS I have loved you!  ~ John 13:34

Be perfect AS your Heavenly Father is perfect! ~ Matthew 5:48

As obedient children, do not conform to the passions of your former ignorance.                                                                           But just be holy AS He who called you is holy! ~ 1Peter 1:15

Be merciful, just AS your Father is merciful! ~ Luke 6:36

Wives, submit to your husbands AS to the Lord! ~ Ephesians 5:24

(and to be fair) Husbands, love your wives AS Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her! ~ Ephesians 5:25

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just AS Christ has forgiven you! ~ Ephesians 4:32

See? now take it like a warrior and move forward! Onward and upward. Pray for me and know that I pray for you daily!!!

In His Peace, Laura

Taking the leap! Well, the limp, anyway...,..,

Hello! Well, It's been a long journey but I am finally on the "interweb". No, I'm not trying to become a famous blogger or anything, but I am taking advantage of the blogging application on my new squarespace account to keep in touch with my new friends around the country now and then. 

This past moth has brought many blessings and challenges, not the least of which was blowing out my knee walking - yes! walking - while we were up in Maine a couple of weeks ago. So, I gimp around now in my brace, awaiting my MRI. Dr says it's a torn meniscus, and homeopaths say I can heal this naturally, so we'll see. I can't stand not being able to go at my usual pace, so I have plenty to offer up!! God is so good. 

Check out the site! It's still a work in progress, but I'll get there (with the patient training of my kids)

God bless you and Mary keep you!!!


Mothers of Mercy Retreat 3-18-16

I had the privilege of attending the Mothers of Mercy retreat at Christ the King seminary in East Aurora, NY on March 18th as their keynote speaker/singer. What an incredible blessing it was to be a part of such an uplifting and spiritually nourishing event. I met so many beautiful women that day. I wish I could have talked to each one of them for a while. 

Mothers - you are amazing! You have found favor with God! Let Him fill you with His mercy and love so you can be conduits of that mercy and love to everyone around you. 

Offer Him your weakness, your exhaustion, your frustration, your loneliness and your stress. He will take it and let you feel his presence in those moments so you can experience more joy and comfort and encouragement and support through your vocation. He loves you so much. 

I will add some more pictures of the event here. God bless all of you who attended. I hope to see you again someday soon. 

I am currently working on recording the Mothers of Mercy Rosary Meditations I wrote for the event which we prayed at the end. Check back at the end of May. 

Sacred Heart Academy 3-17-16

On Saint Patrick's Day, 2016, I was able to visit my High School, The Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, in Amherst, NY. I was in town as the keynote speaker/singer for a retreat at the Seminary in East Aurora the following day, and everyone at Sacred Heart was so welcoming. It was such a pleasure to share my Stations of the Cross with the student body on that cold Thursday morning. I hope I was able to reach a few of the girls and/or faculty with a personal experience of the Stations. Thank you Sister Mara! Thank you Susan Daniels! 


IMG_3227 (1).JPG