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Thank you for all the broken things!!!!!

I have told many Mom's groups that I've spoken to through the years how we are sanctified by our daily duties as wives and mothers.

I remind them how it is in the little things that we somehow manage through the grace of God to do without complaining  - that truly open the floodgates of grace.  

You know, God's sense of humor knocks me on my tail sometimes


So yeah, first my knee. In Maine. with four of my kids. couldn't drive. 18 hour train ride home... Leaving our much needed "tank" in Maine - which will be fetched this weekend by my awesome husband and daughter...

Ok God, yes! I still completely trust in you. yes. and You have been working a healing miracle on my knee and it continues to improve. Thank you!

Then there's the dishwasher. Can't save it anymore. I have given life support to that thing dozens of times and now the flatline........ ok - I can handle hand washing dishes for nine people. sure! The kids are pitching in more than ever, and yes God, I still completely trust in you! Thank you

Next - the washing machine!!! My awesome washing machine that handles several loads of laundry every day like a trooper!!!! It has given me an error code that says "unplug and call a repair person" I can't resuscitate it on my own, although I will continue to try until next week when the expert can make it out here.. 

So last night, there I was hand-washing a dozen or so towels, (which weigh 50 lbs each soaking wet, mind you) as well as some other important gear in my bathtub thinking - how on earth did Caroline handle all of this on little house on the prairie??!!! Ringing those things out took wrist strength that I simply don't have - (but I will if you need me to, God!)

and... yesterday, the vacuum cleaner.  We go through these things like socks. Every year.... a new one. But yes, Dear Lord, I have just inherited a Dyson, which will be here on Sunday - so Thank you!!!!! 

My point in telling you all of this? Well, I have actually been so thankful to God for the wake-up call, I wanted to share it. We have so very many unappreciated blessings in our lives that are luxuries. The next time you flip a light switch, or enter your nice cool house on a scorching day, or cook in your oven, or throw clothes in the washing machine, or load the dishwasher - don't grumble about anything! We are so blessed. So very blessed.